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"Let's Get Started!" 


In order for us to give you a FREE quote, please read our evaluation process. To receive your evaluation, give us a call at (323)747-5185, or email us at and we will send you an evaluation form.


By completing this evaluation, you help us fairly estimate the complexity of your return(s). Once we assess your situation, we can accurately tell you how much your return will cost to prepare and file.  No surprises!


*** Please be aware, if you submit information AFTER you certify you have sent us every necessary tax item, or if we must do bookkeeping to compile the data we need to prepare your return, or if we must spend extra time obtaining tax documents, extra research beyond our control, we will inform you of the situation and the possible additional estimated charges.


In the course of preparing your return we may discover that you need to file additional forms or schedules, which may add additional charges to your preparation fees.  However, this is unusual.



We carefully evaluate your tax preparation needs based on the data and all of the forms you present us. Once we see the scope of your situation, we will then send you a flat fee quote for your return in our Letter of Engagement.


Letter of Engagement - Agreement For Services

After you review our quote and engagement letter, you then indicate your approval to use our services by signing the engagement agreement form. Your signature officially obligates us to prepare your tax return at the fixed price in our price quote (unless you add more data, or documents after the start), and allows us to start the process.


Return Preparation Process

We will acknowledge receiving your engagement letter, and then we will send you our “Comprehensive Tax Document Checklist.”  This will help you gather all of the documents you need to submit to us to prepare your tax return(s).


After you confirm with us that you have sent ALL the information required, we will begin preparing your tax return(s). 





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