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We Keep It Simple


Filing taxes has never been easier. Our quick and accurate process allows you to get organized, save your time, minimize your taxes, and file easily and electronically.
Free Evaluation


By completing our evaluation form, you help us fairly assess the scope of work involved in filing your tax return. The evaluation allows us to accurately tell you how much your return will cost to prepare. No surprises.


The evaluation can be completed via a form we can send you, or over the phone.

Letter of Engagement




After completing the evaluation process, we will send you a Letter Of Engagement.  This outlines what we will do for you and what you must provide us to complete your tax return.  In addition, it guarantees you a flat fee to prepare your return unless you add new documents or forms not included in the original price quote.  When you approve the agreement, your signature officially obligates us to receive, review, post, and prepare your IRS and state tax returns for filing for a set price.


Part of the engagement letter is a disclosure form regarding any non-US bank, brokerage, funds, investment, and financial accounts. This form must be signed by you and your spouse/partner.

Tax Return Preparation


You send us all of your tax forms such as W-2's, 1099's, SSA-1099's, income, expenses, foreign employer wage statement(s), and any other data, forms or documentation necessary to prepare your tax return.


After you confirm with us that you have sent us all of the information required, we will prepare your tax return.

Review and Payment


When we complete your return, we will send you a notice that we finished your return(s) and we will include an invoice for the amount due.


You may send payment using any major credit cards (Visa, MasterCard, American Express, Diners Club), or PayPal bankd transfer.  


Upon payment confirmation, we will send you a copy of your return(s) for your review. Once you approve your return(s) by written confirmation,  we will E-File your return(s) with the IRS and state and send you a PDF copy of your return(s) for your records.


If you have questions, will will answer them and any concerns you may have, and then we will E-File

your return(s). 


Please note, electronic filing may not be available for every return due to IRS and state filing rules,

so your return will be emailed to you for printing, signing, and sending to IRS and state. 




It's that easy! Safe and secure.

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