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It is never too late to come into compliance with the IRS.
We offer rapid turn-around times, accurate preparation, the lowest tax legally payable, and competitive fees.
Individual Taxes


Whether you are a US citizen, non-US citizen, or resident alien, you may need to file US and state tax returns.  We assess what income the IRS requires you to report, what income can be excluded, and what tax or refund is due. We help every client avoid the fines, penalties, and interest charges caused by failure to file. Every situation is unique, so each must be carefully considered in order to file the correct return with accurately reported information, yet with an emphasis on reducing taxes to the lowest legal amount due.



Non-Profit Taxes


Every tax exempt organization must file a return with the IRS to retain its tax-exempt status. Charities, churches, educational institutions, orphanages, disaster aid groups, medical research foundations, shelters, and many more must file, even if only an informational return. In addition to filing returns, we set up boards of directors, make applications to the IRS for tax-exempt status, assist in incorporating exempt organizations, board management, and accounting for our exempt clients.  

Business Taxes


Whether you own your own business as a self-employed sole proprietor, or an S corporation, C corporation, partnership, or an LLC, your business needs to file a tax return with the IRS. We carefully account for your income, expenses, deductions, and strategize how to best reduce the taxes on your business. Late-filing or non-filing carries very severe IRS penalties, so every business owner must pay attention to their business tax status to avoid fines and levies against the business.




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Estate & Trust Taxes


We work with trustees and attorneys to file estate tax returns and trust returns for simple and complex trusts. We pay particular attention to the sources of income and deductible expenses for trusts because they have far-reaching effects on the trust taxes and the benefits to the beneficiaries. Trust administration can be very trying and frustrating, so we help clarify and reduce the unknowns when dealing with these complex family, business, and beneficiary issues.

IRS Audits & Exams


When you receive a notice from the IRS, a state, or municipal taxing authority, we analyze their claim, research your position, and prepare appropriate responses to the authority. We guide you through the maze of exam and audit procedures to reduce or completely remove the penalties that taxing authorities regularly impose upon taxpayers. We successfully get many claims dismissed with carefully drafted response letters, and some claims require more extensive tax research and effort.

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